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Published: Feb 2, 2023

Authored by Dr Krishan

Career goals

As we wake up and head off to work each day, how many of us stop to think beyond our job responsibilities and deadlines and reflect on what drives us to perform the work we do?

Career goals are so important because they define what we aspire to attain in our professional lives. Think of career goals as a roadmap and a journey to achieving your professional ambitions. Where do you picture yourself in 6 months, 1 year… and beyond that?

I developed a love of science from a young age. And when it came time to think about my career, I saw learning about science as a direct way to positively impact the most important aspect of people's lives: their health and wellness.

The proudest moment of my career so far…


In the video below, I share my story on the path I’ve taken, the goals I strive for in my career, and my proudest achievement to date.

PP-UNP-AUS-0209 02/23

These words from Dr Martin Luther King Jr. still resonate with me today: ‘Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase’.

Thinking back on your career, or if you are starting your career, what makes you most proud?

Signing off for now!  
Dr Krishan

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