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Michael West
Artist and Aboriginal Educator, Guwalli 
Michael is a member of the Stolen Generations, an Aboriginal man of the Gamilaroi Nation and was born, raised and has lived his whole life in Sydney. Michael sees himself as an educator sharing stories spanning from contemporary urban based artist 'Guwaali', to cultural representative with the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land  Council. He has a deep understanding  and appreciation of diversity, believing it gives greater insight into humanity and oneself. The art and practice of burning and creating 'Message Sticks' is about healing and practising his culture - they are used for symbolism, marking points in the continuum and the education of people about history and Aboriginal perspectives. 

Michael has had a variety of current and previous roles, including Director NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, Director Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), Co-Chair National Sorry Day Committee, Delegate National Congress of Australia's First Peoples, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee to the Board of Headspace, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group, Australian Curriculum Assessment Reporting Authority and Cultural Advisor for Tedx Sydney.
Kristal Kinsela
Founder, Kristal Kinsela Consulting ​​​​​​
Kristal Kinsela is a proud and passionate Indigenous business leader and owner who is an expert at connecting people and moving them into action. 
Through determination, resilience and hard work, Kristal built her own professional career and then a multi-million dollar consultancy  business. Today, she channels her experience and energy into helping others succeed. 
A descendant of both the Jawoyn and Wiradjuri nations,

Kristal brings her personal story and over 16 years of business expertise to every project. She has worked with well known global businesses and every level of government to drive their supplier diversity efforts, helping them develop procurement plans, up-skill their teams and have a positive impact on their communities. 
Kristal authored the first book published in Australia on Indigenous business procurement, Supplier Diversity How, based on her proven approach. It is the ultimate guide on supplier diversity, outlining five simple steps to follow. Kristal's grounded approach and winning attitude make her the ideal partner and expert advisor for any organisation determined to achieve more. 
Mike Stephens
Director, Medicines Policy and Programs National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) 
Mike Stephens is the Director of Medicines Policy and Programs an is also a registered pharmacist. Mike has spent years working in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health sector as a consultant, a policy advisor and as a practising pharmacist integrated into an Aboriginal health service and working in community pharmacy.  

Through his work at NACCHO, Mike has provided policy advice to all levels of the Commonwealth Government and has worked with a range of national agencies and peak bodies to influence medicines policy to benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  

Mike has been involved in the oversight and management of several large national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pharmacy programs and projects, including two trials through the Pharmacy Trial Program and through the 6th Community Pharmacy Agreement.
Leanne Smith
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy Manager, The Smith Family (charity partner)
Leanne Smith has always been a very proud Aboriginal woman and extremely grateful to be accepted and acknowledged by the Kaurna people of South Australia on lands where she grew up. At 3 weeks old, Leanne was adopted out to a non-Aboriginal family to whom she is extremely grateful. Her mother is a Larrakia woman from Darwin, who was extremely young when she was relocated from Darwin to Adelaide to give birth to Leanne. 

Leanne has been Manager of the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program at The Smith Family. For the past 12 years, Leanne has worked with the 29 Education Partners across 6 states/ territories to provide scholarship opportunities for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to attend what the government term as “high achieving academic schools”.  
In December 2021, Leanne was appointed within The Smith Family as the National Manager Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy & Indigenous Youth Leadership Program Manager to look at policies and procedures within the organisation for the advancement of Aboriginal people. The Smith Family is Pfizer’s Charity of Choice.  
Lynda Holden
Director, Dragon Claw  
(Arthritis Patient Charity)
Lynda is a proud Dunghutti woman and is a descendant of the well-known Aboriginal ‘King’ Bobby and was raised by her respected and loving family in her community in NSW. Lynda is a leader in Health and Social Justice whose professional philosophy is to: 

“Hear our clients and advocate for them efficiently and effectively. Conduct myself congruent to the values espoused by my parents and communities.” 

Lynda has had a career of 42 years in nursing and midwifery and was admitted to Law Practice in 2010. She is generously giving her time as a First Nations Advisor to NACCHO, an Adviser to Pfizer on their Reconciliation Plan as well as on a member of the NSW Law Society Indigenous Issues committee. She is a Director of the Board of Dragon Claw Charity, which offers online support for millions of patients suffering from Autoimmune Inflammatory Diseases. Lynda also assists the Board to learn about and overcome cultural barriers to effectively reduce the needless suffering of her people. 

In recognition of the racism and barriers experienced by Aboriginal Nurses, Lynda was part of the congress that founded the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nursing and Midwifery (CATSIN&M). They are celebrating their 25 year anniversary this month. 
Dixie Crawford
Founder, Nganya (Advisory Services) 
Dixie is a Barkindji woman, who was born in Broken Hill and grew up on Country in Brewarrina. She founded and is the Managing Director of Nganya. Nganya means 'firelight' in Barkindji language, which is the right word to describe the way Dixie and her team collaborate with clients, connect to communities, and challenge the status quo of mediocre leadership on social policy and equity. 

Dixie uses her lived experiences to challenge ideas and the way ‘it’s always been done’, knowing that leaders and organisations have the potential for greater advocacy of and impact for health and wellbeing outcomes in First Nations communities. Dixie works alongside Pfizer creating opportunities for transformational leadership to support our colleagues to be more conscious, curious and courageous in their leadership. Through her consultancy work, Dixie is determined to elevate thinking and action beyond generic and transactional engagement to more robust, targeted and impact-focused collaborations.  

Health literacy and equitable access to health services is of great importance to Dixie, having worked in the health and social services sector for over 17 years. She has been instrumental in assisting Pfizer to refine its vision of impact and create bespoke leadership development and community consultation programs.
Scott McCartney
CEO, Kinaway Chamber of Commerce (Victoria)
Scott has had extensive experience in start-up and small to medium enterprise development. His goal  
at Kinaway is to not only maintain the momentum of the Chamber but deliver on current and future  
projects as well as strategic objectives. 

His skills involving establishment and growth of strong partnerships, problem solving, and development of team culture makes him the ideal  
selection to leading the team at Kinaway! Scott is a proud Aboriginal man, a descendant from the Wotjobaluk people in the Western Region of Victoria. He and his family have relocated back home to Victoria after spending the last 10 years in Western Australia. Scott is driven by the need to develop the Aboriginal business sector in Victoria. Scott says:

“The path to true self-determination is ensuring  
that as Aboriginal people we participate at all levels in the economy”. 
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