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Relationship Respect Opportunity


Change does not come from thought alone, but from a readiness to accept responsibility.

Reconciliation at Pfizer is about the collective of individuals and their deliberate choices to reconcile with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. No matter what culture or background we come from, or how we or our ancestors are connected to our history. We are all exposed to the impact of that history today. We can choose to look away, be complicit or we can become more aware and become allies to help shape a better future for the generations to come. 

Reconciliation through Reconciliation Australia is a process of documentation of Relationships, Respect, Opportunities and Governance. It is a business document to guide sustainable and continuous application of reconciliation in business process. It is also so much more than that, because even with great processes, without respectful, knowledgeable and empathetic hearts and minds, long term change is not achieved.

Our united vision of reconciliation is: Pfizer colleagues are active and effective allies of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, especially with health inequalities in Australia. 

We connect our RAP with our values and the 5 key dimensions of reconciliation. This ensures our absolute, sustained alignment with who we are as a company and our commitment to reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.

Pfizer Value Courage: Reconciliation dimension - Historical Acceptance - Pfizer colleagues acknowledge the historical events of colonisation, racism, and suffering that continues to shape the lived experiences of many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in modern-day Australia.  Pfizer Australia will work alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities by listening, learning and leading in true allyship and collaboration to advance reconciliation with the world’s longest surviving culture.

Pfizer Value Equity: Reconciliation Dimension - Equality and Equity - Pfizer is a place where every person deserves to be seen, heard, and cared for. Pfizer colleagues serve to reduce health care disparities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through ongoing holistic, and robust advocacy, and by co-creating meaningful opportunities with the objective of equity.

Pfizer Value Excellence: Reconciliation Dimension - Institutional Integrity - Pfizer colleagues are active in observance and participation in significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community events, and we recognise we are committed to embedding an Aboriginal lens into our everyday business to ensure the voices, worldviews and lived experiences of First Nations communities is considered and understood. We will continue to receive advice and innovate to understand and create opportunities for better healthcare outcomes as we collaborate closely with the communities across the nation.  

Pfizer Value Joy: Reconciliation Dimension - RACE RELATIONS - Pfizer is committed to building and nurturing respectful, joyful, transparent and enduring relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, communities, businesses, associations, and networks. Pfizer colleagues refer to our Advisory Group for advice and is committed to being knowledgeable, responsive, and inclusive of the unique needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities. 

There are four key deliverables in our REFLECT RAP:

  1. Cultural competence and allyship – educating colleagues through truth-telling about colonisation and impacts today and how to be an active and effective ally to help close the gap in health inequality and social determinants of health.  Also creating opportunities to immerse in culture and volunteer for First Nations community organisations.

  2. Community relations – effective and trusted partnerships with key Community leaders and program managers to partners and leverage our advocacy and resources to advance these efforts. 

  3. Employment strategy – working towards being a place First Nations peoples want to work, foster their potential and join Pfizer in its purpose. 

  4. Procurement strategy – working towards active and systematic purchasing behaviours which support First Nations businesses.  

ABOUT OUR RAP ARTWORK: Artist Jasmine Sarin, Koori Designs
Jasmine is a proud Kamilaroi and Jerrinja woman with a passion for Aboriginal culture and art. JS Koori Designs strives to build and grow a sustainable Aboriginal owned and operated business by celebrating the world's oldest living culture.

The concentric circles symbolise Pfizer as a meeting place, a point of connection with different “circles” of people interacting. The different colours and shapes within the circles symbolise Pfizer as a diverse and inclusive place. The white lines connecting the round shapes indicate the interconnectedness of different groups, people, businesses and services. The colourful, patterned shapes in between represent the different lands, peoples and experiences of health care across the nation. 

ABOUT OUR MESSAGE STICK: Artist and Aboriginal Educator Michael West 'Guwaali' 

Michael is a member of the Stolen Generations, an Aboriginal man of the Gamilaroi Nation and was born, raised and has lived his whole life in Sydney. Michael sees himself as an educator sharing stories spanning from contemporary urban based Artist 'Guwaali' to cultural representative with the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council.

Michael designed the message stick for Pfizer to help colleagues tell its story of reconciliation – an artistic and culturally significant portrayal of the intersection of Aboriginal world views and Pfizer values. 


  1. Find out and learn what Aboriginal land you live on – and significant land marks, animals or totems are in your area – just google it “Aboriginal land of X Suburb”. Your Local Council may have this information also. 

  2. Engage with community to learn from Aboriginal people: Watch TED talks, read books, watch movies about culture and written and directed by First Nations peoples. 

  3. Plan to attend an Aboriginal Event near you

  4. Consider Aboriginal Businesses for your needs at work or home – search SUPPLY NATION directory  Supply Nation | Australia's largest national directory of Indigenous businesses

  5. Talk about what you are thinking and learning with colleagues, family and friends; remain open and don’t be afraid of mis-steps or feeling vulnerable. It’s all part of learning new things.

Leigh Simmonds
Senior Manager Patient Advocacy
Corporate Social Responsibility and RAP Lead
[email protected]

  • Materials:
  • Pfizer Rap Advisory Group
  • Reflect Reconciliation 
    Action Plan January 2022 - January 2023
  • Relationships, Respect & Opportunity
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