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Pfizer CARES is the Corporate Social Responsibility program at Pfizer Australia. 

Pfizer CARES stands for:

  • Community collaboration

  • And

  • Responsible

  • Environment and Economic

  • Stewardship

Our caring culture is fundamental to achieving Pfizer’s purpose to deliver breakthroughs that change patients’ livesTM. This includes developing innovative medicines and vaccines, encouraging colleague wellbeing, fostering diversity and excellence in the workplace, supporting our community, and doing what we can to reduce our impact on the environment. Pfizer CARES incorporates four pillars to drive these efforts and support our caring culture.

Patients are at the centre of our daily work. We seek to listen to, empower and support patients who take our medicines and vaccines. We do this in three key ways:

  • Insights & Immersion – listening to patients and understanding their experience as best we can to respond with empathy and effective solutions where we can.

  • Empowering & Equipping – investing in patient organisations and providing information to support clinical conversations that empower patients.

  • Support & Service – investing in patient organisations and their services as well as some information and medication delivery services of our own.   

The Pfizer CARES program is supported by the senior leadership team which meets regularly to discuss how Pfizer should best care for patients, colleagues, community, and our environment.

We achieve this by:

  • Providing up to four volunteer days for colleagues

  • A Pfizer CARES Community Collaboration Grant Program

  • Team and individual volunteering activities  

  • Resources and support available for volunteering and running community events

  • Pfizer Global Volunteer Challenge

  • Red Cross Mobile Blood Bank Service onsite and available to all colleagues to contribute no matter where they are located

  • Funds raised through colleague donations / fundraising activity

  • Community / CSR Nominations / Awards

  • Global Health Fellows Opportunity

We care for colleagues with a safe, diverse, and inclusive workplace and we uphold our values of Courage, Excellence, Joy and Equity in how we go about each day. Pfizer cares for its colleagues through a workplace that fosters a sense of community, encourages innovation, and lives and breathes a commitment to health and wellness. Pfizer Australia has worked consistently to build a creative and thriving culture and workforce.  Pfizer’s core value of Equity underpins our commitment to delivering innovative policies and programs that help us create a workplace where colleagues feel they are heard, valued and belong.  
We offer a range of Colleague Resource Groups (CRG) that colleagues can participate in which help to drive a truly diverse, inclusive and equitable working environment.  

  • Out Pfizer Employee Network (OPEN):  The global colleague resource group for Pfizer's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) colleagues and their straight allies

  • Culture and Tradition: Aims to promote a greater understanding of the diverse cultural backgrounds of our colleagues, enhance a cohesive agile working ecosystem

  • AccessAbility: Focused on creating support pathways to a creating a disability inclusive workforce.

  • Gender Equity Network (GEN): A working group dedicated to addressing pay gap, flexibility and parental leave discussions within Pfizer

  • Reconciliation@Pfizer: Our united vision of reconciliation is that Pfizer colleagues are active and effective allies of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, especially with health inequalities in Australia.

Pfizer has a global commitment to reducing the impact of our manufacturing and commercial activity on our environment. We care for the environment through:

  • Recycling initiatives

  • Packaging and waste reduction

  • Energy reduction initiatives

  • Manufacturing efficiencies

  • Participating in Clean Up Australia Day

Partnerships ANZ

Charity of Choice: Pfizer Colleagues choose the main charity we support in both Australia and New Zealand

Since 2016, Pfizer colleagues have voted for The Smith Family (TSF) as Pfizer's Charity of Choice through Pfizer CARES. Pfizer being a national healthcare focussed organisation, our charity of choice is a national charity that improves the health and wellbeing of Australians.

The Smith Family is Australia's leading children's education charity, providing young Australians from disadvantaged backgrounds with the extra tools and support they need to succeed at school, so they can create better futures for themselves.

Our long-term partnership with TSF, being Pfizer Australia’s Charity of Choice, has meant we have invested more than $255,000 since 2016 to support the education of young Australians in need, to help them break the cycle of poverty. This provides financial assistance, personal support, and access to targeted educational programs for many including Pfizer own 72 sponsored students. This includes 16 identified disadvantaged students who identify as Aboriginals or Torres Strait Islander.  

In addition, our relationship provides an opportunity for our highly engaged Pfizer colleagues to volunteer for TSF corporate programs and give back using their 4 volunteer days and beyond. Face to face and virtual programs include: 

  • iTrack mentoring 

  • Work Inspiration 

  • Hackathon 

  • Toy & Book collection and volunteering 

  • Student profile checking 

  • Bike and Toy making and donation 

  • Post school option career days 

  • Stationery packing 

  • Letter & card writing

To see more about The Smith Family or to sponsor an Australian Child of your own today, go to The Smith Family Website.

New Zealand
Pfizer New Zealand's Charity of Choice 2017 is Variety – which helps New Zealand's sick disabled and disadvantaged children reach their full potential. Variety was selected by the Pfizer CARES New Zealand Champs and Pfizer support was endorsed by the Country Management Forum. Variety is an organisation with multiple engagement opportunities for colleagues to support and show they care through fundraising, donating items and volunteer opportunities. 

Pfizer NZ offers colleagues with a volunteer leave policy of a day to spend helping a registered charity. Variety supports children's health and well-being nationally, and the organisation fits in well with Pfizer's values. To achieve their goals they raise and distribute funds to children in need of basic necessities, vital medical equipment, life changing mobility needs and essential learning opportunities. Variety aim to fill the funding gaps and meet a wide range of grass-roots needs through three core areas: Future Kiwi Kids, Caring for Kids and Kids on the Move. For more check out

To find out more about Pfizer CARES and the work we have done over the past 5 years visit the summary report on the right hand side of this page.

Pfizer Cares Reports
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Pfizer Charity Impact Reports
  • McGrath Foundation
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