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Pfizer Healthcare Hub

Introducing Pfizer Healthcare Hub

Helping health tech start-ups develop and implement transformational innovation. As a global leader in healthcare, Pfizer is committed to pursuing an ongoing vision of transforming people’s lives through innovative solutions to real health problems. This commitment is the driving force behind Pfizer Healthcare Hub – an exciting, global initiative that empowers health tech innovators with the extensive knowledge, contacts and resources that an organisation like Pfizer can provide.

The Hub is looking to partner with innovators who demonstrate clear potential to make a big difference to individuals, patient groups or health systems in three key areas:

  • Disease awareness and information
  • Earlier detection and more accurate diagnosis
  • Compliance and adherence

Through both local and global industry partnerships startups can learn, experiment and collaborate with Pfizer - accessing mentoring and know-how in areas including market orientation, infrastructure, compliance, government relations and much more.

The potential benefits could be extraordinary - for individual patients, their families and communities, the national economy, and even the global advancement of healthcare.

Learn more about these opportunities by visiting our regional partner sites:

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