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Engaging with Government

Public policy can greatly influence the business environment and the timely delivery of patient access to the medicines they need. As such, Pfizer Australia engages with Government to share its extensive knowledge and global perspectives about public health, disease prevention, health education and affordability for the community. Having a transparent relationship with Government and being able to contribute to policy discussions is important for Pfizer to meet the needs of both patients and shareholders. Health is a key issue for all Australians, so Pfizer Australia contributes across a range of related issues including access to medicines, efficacy and safety, as well as the dangers to health posed by the counterfeit medicine industry.
Pfizer Australia attends and sometimes sponsors conferences, workshops and round table discussions about the future of Australia's healthcare system.
From July 2016 to June 2017 Pfizer Australia contributed financially to the following parties:

  • Australian Labor Party, $22,650 (including GST)
  • Coalition, $21,449 (including GST)

Further information regarding Pfizer Australia's political contributions is available on the Australian Electoral Commission website.